Acrylic on canvas done with brush and pallet knife. The inspiration comes from the dramatic contrast in colour value from the pansy flowers right from my garden. I didn't choose the cool colours for the background as much as they chose me; sometimes you just know what feels right and this cool background contrast with the warm coloured flowers is exactly what I wanted.

PRICE $ 950.00/ can.

White Mountains

This work was done in acrylic on canvas, from my memories of hiking in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. It is owned by another hiker, who shared the experience and just loves the painting.


Light of the Moon

Light of the moon.
PRICE $ 350.00/ Can

Nude Lady

PRICE $250.00/Can.



PRICE $ 400.00/ Can


PRICE  $ 250.00 /Can

Mom and child

This is the newer piece. It is a composition of Brianna and me; a conte drawing on top of acrylic on board that seems to pull the viewer into the scene.