The Part-Time Vegetarian -- Book Cover Art

The Part-Time Vegetarian: An Alternative to a Traditional Vegetarian Diet by Louise Lambert-Lagacé and Louise Desaulniers. Cover design and text design by Tannice Goddard. Cover art by Shelly Gifford.

"In this groundbreaking guide to healthier eating, renowned nutritionists Louise Lambert-Lagacé and Louise Desaulniers teach you delicious ways to incorporate the best vegetarian foods on the market. With more than 50 mouth-watering recipes, this book will help you reap all the benefits of vegetarianism - and you can still eat meat!"

The Part-Time Vegetarian won Silver in the Cuisine Canada Culinary Book Awards in 2002, in the category for French language cookbooks.

I used watercolor crayon for this cover, on watercolor paper. I used the crayons without water for the majority of the work, but for the final details I used brush and water. The subject being vegetarian cooking, led me to use a "fish tail" on the cover rather than a roast of beef or anything with a face :) The fish tail seemed more visually appealing and works with the looseness of the style. I also wanted to show an abstract figure in the work that would express an air-like free quality. The colors I chose are very important; red and yellow stimulate the appetite. The flowers are orange blossoms.