Wild Cat -- Book Cover Photography

Wild Cat by Jacques Poulin. Cover design and text design by Tannice Goddard. Cover art and photography by Shelly Gifford.

Kassi Cowles has written a review of Wild Cat in The Silhouette, McMaster University's Student Newspaper:

"The androgynous spirit of the elusive feline, perched on the balance of beauty and aggression, seems an apt metaphor for Jacques Poulin’s novel Wild Cat. ...

The metaphor of the elusive feline is central to the text: the characters feed and nurture their cats as a gesture of routine and the human need to domesticate what is untamed. The cat, however, comes to mean something far deeper to the text: instinctive and androgynous, it becomes a symbol of death. The title, then, seems ironic, as the characters and images are so serene. But the ‘Wild Cat’ emerges in the end. The details and outlines of Jacques Poulin’s novel fade quickly, but the depths, colour and emotions of the story remain long after it is finished."